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We only select the top industry professionals as fashion contributors to Isabella Gucci. Below you will find our growing list of fashion and beauty contributors with links to their profile page. We encourage you to stay connected online by adding our site and contributors to your facebook and twitter pages. If you are a fashion and/or beauty expert and feel you have something valuable to add to our blog, please send us an email today.


Gary Robinson

Fashion & Beauty Stylist,
Creative Director Of

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Mac Folkes

-Fashion & Style Contributor
From the West Indies to Jamaica, Queens, from ivied Ithaca to Berlin post-wall provacatuer, Mac Folkes has culled his vision. Mac’s return to New York City set course through agency and event, art and fashion. A concentration in the modeling industry led him from agent to in-demand international runway coach and consultant. Recent years have seen Mac return to art school. There he gained perspective and language, a frame work which supports and sorts his diverse experience. He offers corrections both major and minor and provides vision when it is lacking. View posts by Mac Folkes follow Mac Foles on Facebook: downwit.deslant



Margarita Canevari

Margarita Canevari

Margarita Canervari was born in Rome, Italy and moved to New York City when she was 7 years old with her father and 2 sisters. She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in fashion and interior design. Margarita works as an interior decorator and travels the world with her husband Angelo and has been a contributor to Isabella Gucci for the past 2 years. Read Margarita’s Posts




Bonnie Blake

Style Contributor
Bonnie is a New York City native who for the past 9 years has worked in the fashion and photography industry. Bonnie’s passion for fashion and art started from the age of 14 when she began styling her college aged sisters and their friends for dates and school events. As Bonnie put’s it, “Once I had people calling daily for my fashion advice , I knew that not only I had a natural ability for styling, it was also something I truly loved to do”. Bonnie currently works for Lord & Taylor as a media consultant , and will be contributing to this summer. Stay tuned for Bonnie’s submissions.