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Ode To Linda & Naomi

Perfection thy name is Linda Evangelista & Naomi Campbell…. – isabella gucci


These two divas are the inspiration for this new blog and they are also the first models I ever really began to pay attention to. Yes, I am speaking of the living deities Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell! Unlike most who praised the mainstream , conventional looks of Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer , my attention was squarely on these two. First lets talk about Linda E. , I mean, my God, the woman has the sexiest last name ever, Evangelista…how freakin hot is that?


I can’t explain it but Linda sometimes looked so beautiful sometimes that it seemed she wasn’t real, but more like a beautiful exotic , artist rendering of some kind. I rember when I saw this stunning photo of Linda drenched in diamonds with her bleached blonde hair, ice blue eyes, seductively smoking that cigarette, I actually gasped from shock over how incredible she photographed. I thought to myself, this bitch just cannot take a bad photo! Whatever this girl was selling I was more than ready to buy! She looks at the camera with such intensity, as if she’s ready to seduce it with her eyes. I love how she can look so differently in every shot, and how she morphs into radical hairstyles and colors with ease. Linda stills looks good , but I wouldn’t say she has aged as well as Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington. All in all, Linda worked the Diva factor like a pro. She was one of the best high fashion models ever.

The Badest Bitch Alive


This is whats missing from today’s models. The Diva factor. We all know the whole story behind the demise of the supermodels..They say the industry got tired of all the drama, of the whole “supermodel” issue and decided to no longer idolize just a top few they way they did in the 90’s. They saw how much hysteria was created over the “Trinity” of Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington, and others. Don’t you remember the Fashion Cafe, forgettable movie roles, misguided excercise video tapes, fashion award shows,and misplaced marketing ad campaigns? The hype behind these women was much too much for the industry to handle. It soon became more about the supermodels and less about the designers and the clothes. I have to admit that idea was true genius because I like many was getting tired of the uber insanity surrounding these women. Linda in my opinion is one of the most beautiful models ever to walk this Earth . Yeah we know she is like a chameleon because she could change her look so dramtically with just a tube of hair dye and a cut. Her beauty has been described by many as hypnotic , haunting, and seductive, but to me it was those eyes, and her unique facial structure that made her one of the fiercest supermodels ever.


Now lets focus on the Queen Bee of Supermodels Naomi


First of all this woman is a spoiled, selfish, pushy brat. I didn’t find her cell phone beat downs of working class servants very lady like either. It also explains alot to me as to why she hasn’t had any real success since ending her career years ago. Maybe the beat downs are a shameless attempt to keep her name in the spotlight because everything else like her music and acting career in bascially in the 50% off bin at Walmart & Target. Whatever the reason for her behavior, who really gives crap? Nobody looked like Naomi, nobody worked the runway like Naomi, and NO ONE, NO ONE had a better body than Naomi.

Forget the obvious trail that she blazed for so many aspiring young black models, and the diva like behavior that we secretly couldn’t get enough of. The woman was a walking, talking pile of sex appeal and raw, sultry sophistication. She had a runway walk that left dust in the face of those behind her. She was the first black model who appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris as that publication’s first Black cover girl. In addition to Vogue Paris, Campbell also became the first Black model to appear on the cover of Vogue UK, Vogue Nippon and Time magazine(according to wikepedia). It couldn’t have been easy having to be the first to break down so many barriers and she did with sex appeal, boldness and panash. Naomi always keep it real, remember when she decided to disasociate herself with Peta when she realized how much she loved wearing leather, fur, and eating meat? It’s not easy admitting to the world that your a hypocrite , but like always, she did it with style and she did it HER way. This is what’s expected of a true diva,and Miss Naomi Campbell has never let us down.

Chocolate Covered Stunner


And for those who doubt the Naomi is the real deal…check out these runway shots of Naomi tearing the catwalk up in July ’07, keep in mind she 37 years old! This bitch is too bad! Bow Down! Photos courtesy of

Naomi Campbell Catwalk

Still to this day I go nuts when I see that classic George Michael video freedom with the entire “Trinity” of supermodels including my two favorites Naomi and Linda. They just don’t make these kind of divacentric model drenched videos anymore. LOL

George Michael’s Freedom Video Screenshot

Linda is the first to shown, check out the video

If you ask me, there wasn’t a need for the male model in the video, the girls could handle it all own their own!

Now here’s another classic video (too funky) from George Michael soaked with more supermodels. It became very clear to me just how gay George was when I saw this video…not for any one thing in particular, but so many supermodels in one video could only be the brainchild of a very gay man. Here at we are very gay friendly, we actually encourage it!

This video even has some retro Tyra and her huge wig, but my fav of course is when Linda steps out onto the catwalk first after her diva like tantrum backstage. I also dug the designer in the white lab coat who rips off her coat and wig then works the runway in her black latex catsuit. Smashing indeed!

The supermodels featured in this video(too funky) include Linda Evangelista, Tyra Banks, Beverly Peele, Nadja Auermann, Emma Sjöberg, Rossy de Palma, and Estelle Hallyday

Everytime this video is played, a Diva buys new shoes