Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Amy Winehouse’s bleached horror
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Amy Winehouse’s bleached horror

The beautiful begining and sad decline of Amy Winehouse.
< img src="" alt="amy_01.jpg" />
amy_03.jpgWow, Amy Winehouse just truly doesn’t give a damn does she? It is a new year, and it’s understandable she may want a new look, but I’m afraid this new color ages her even more than the drinking and drug use , she looks like my great aunt! Ewwwww! Come on girlie! Get it together!!! Amy is truly a talented artisit, she could have even helped revise the 60’s retro jazz lounge singer look which seemed to work for her up until recently in the past few years.

She went from thrift store retro chic to some kind of homeless skank chick. Is it me or does she just looks dirty all the time? The woman needs a bar of Dove soap , an industrial strength scrubbing loofah sponge, and major detox. I just can’t imagine any excuse for looking so dirty. Yuck! All we can do is wish her good luck because God does she need it!