Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | James Bond Hates American Women
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James Bond Hates American Women

Daniel Craig will not only being cosying up to Brit Gemma Arterton in the new James Bond movie, but will also being doing the same with Ukranian actress Olga Kurylenko (good luck trying to figure out how to pronounce her last name).

Why is it almost everytime I see a Bond movie the bond girls are always European? Every now and then you see an asian or black woman, and even less than that you see an American woman. I guess I’m taking this hard because I am absolutely in lust with Daniel Craig, and damn it I want an American, someone I can relate to to be a bond diva! Somebody better back me up on this!

Olga Kurylenko is absolutely stunning, when I watched her in that awful movie Hitman I found myself thinking what a great Bond girl she would make. Now the lucky bitch has got MY man! Oh well, C’est La Vive!

Yes ladies she is your worst nightmare, almost perfect, I hate her!
olg.jpgOn this Elle cover she kind of looks like a younger, and even hotter version of Catherine Zeta Jones, who is also quite beautiful on her own. Olga just seems to have the it factor when it comes to giving you pure face. I feel she will go far, maybe not as a serious actress, because so far her acting sucks , but I have a feeeling this model will be very busy, especially after the Bond movie.Olga KurylenkoKurylenko has been chosen to play the lead Bond girl in the new movie, the working title of which is ‘Bond 22’.
Kurylenko currently resides in Paris. She was discovered 14 years at the age of 15 by model scouts in Moscow. Since then she has appeared on the covers of top fashion magazines US Glamour, French Elle and Marie Claire.

She began her film career in 2005.

I demand that more American women get bond girl gigs, the James Bond franchise is huge over here in the states and we want some equal representation! Besides, American women are the most beautiful, and sexy women in the world! I dare anyone to challenge me on this! Anyway, at the end of the day Daniel Craig is dating and actually engaged to an American in real life. She is an American movie producer named Satsuki Mitchell. Kudos to her!