Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Why are Actors Impersonating Models?
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Why are Actors Impersonating Models?

Actual Models On the Cover Of Vogue in the 1990’sWhen did it become popular to replace a 5ft 10 inch super model with a 5ft 3inch actor? When did the modeling industry decide that they’re going to use the popularity and fame of an actor to sell their product? Actors like Scarlet Johansson, Selma Hayek, Ann Hathaway, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz the list goes on and on, are all the new faces of major fashion campaigns and ads. In the past Models like Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christie Turlington, Claudia Schiffer and of course the Great Naomi Campbell were all real models and all the faces of major fashion campaigns, but that was in a time long gone. Today a Fashion Model on the cover of a MAJOR U.S. fashion magazine is an URBAN MYTH.

When was the last time we saw a single model on the cover of Vogue? Around and about the year 2000 that’s when! The phenomenon of the disappearing model started happening around that time. More and more year after year you began to see less and less of our beloved super models. Why are we seeing this new trend? Who is responsible for this and WHY? We are seeing this new trend because today models are no longer exciting to watch, they all look like regular people, like the girl next door.

Now more than ever the magic starts when they sit in hair and makeup and 75 minutes later walk out looking like a runway goddess. Back in the day models DID NOT look like the girl next door. Nobody next door to me looked like Linda Evangelista, or Kelly “Don’t Hate Me because I’m Beautiful” Lebrock. These supermodels of the 80’s and 90’s were the cream of the crop. They were actual living, breathing knockouts, in person and on gloss.

2000s_covers_actresses.jpgIn other words fashion magazines are the new tabloids! SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!!

Covers of Vogue in the 1990’s (almost all the covers feature actual models)

Covers of Vogue in the 2000’s (almost all the covers feature actresses)
They looked liked something that us regular folks could never achieve. IMPOSSIBLY BEAUTIFUL! Today’s models are beautiful but very generic looking, the designers and know it all fashions big wigs made sure to get more approachable looking girls that can be molded into the perfect product, instead of the product being the model like it used to be in the heyday of supermodels.

There is no mystery to their beauty which is why I think the world of celebrity models have vanished. So does this mean that actors are more beautiful than models today or as beautiful as models of yester year? OF COURSE NOT! It just means that actors are more famous and popular than models so using actors on the cover of major fashion magazine covers is really strictly about sales. Someone whose face is plastered on every possible media outlet will simply sell more magazines.