Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | A day in the life of a supermodel multitasker
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A day in the life of a supermodel multitasker

model_behavior.jpgSince she won a local modeling competition in her native Texas in 1999, several things have set Erin Wasson apart from her pretty peers. There’s the mole, the pout that won’t quit, the legs—and then there’s her personal style. This last bit, a scruffy but pulled-together look that’s all her own, is what’s been getting rave reviews lately.

The designer Alexander Wang asked her to be his in-house stylist last season, and was so pleased with the results he asked her back. We sent Derek Blasberg to catch up with Erin as she prepped for Wang’s fall show and finished a day of errands.
“You’ve gotta feel this stuff,” Erin Wasson says as she caresses the exotic skins and leathers strewn about Alex Wang’s lower Fifth Avenue studio. “It’s so yummy.” This morning isn’t all fur appreciation, however; after a brief directional meeting, Wasson leaves Wang’s studio to find chains that she will link together for the Fall show.

Asked what her best skill is, Alex responds, “Just being herself is her best talent. She knows what looks good.”…..

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