Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Worst Comeback Ever
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Worst Comeback Ever

Taylor Dayne
Poor Taylor Dayne, it’s impossible not to feel so bad for her now you see how desperate she is to get back in the limelight. The only problem is she’s got a shoe string budget and has had too much surgery. I didn’t realize it was Taylor Dayne until I saw her name underneath the photo.

Look, surgery can be good, I’ve never had any but I certainly understand a woman’s desire and right to have it. I just don’t understand why some women who are already attractive have to go so far when trying to stay “in the game” and compete with 20 somethings.  Very sad.

Trust me it gets worse. I decided to look at her new “video” beautiful because I always loved her and her music. I was shocked to see how awful this video was. I mean, it has no concept, no real budget, and it looks like it was filmed in her apartment. I get the feeling Taylor is attempting to re-create Janet Jackson’s stellar Love Will Never Do video in her own way and it falls flat, big time. Ms. Dayne is just rolling around on her bed and padded wall with a fan blowing in her hair, then it cuts to a scene where she is surrounding herself with male model types holding cheap looking stability balls for artistic reasons..I guess. She’s had such awful surgey that she appears drag queenish in a way. Where is Timbaland when you need him?


The video is 98% in slow motion, I guess to distract people into thinking it’s artsy since there was no budget. The models are flinging their bodies in the air and she appears in and out of every scene with most of her body covered up. As if she has some extra pounds to hide. Who knows? This is all a mystery to me. Maybe one of you guys can figure it out.  If you are a child of the 90’s like me you should be able to instantly see the slight similarities to her new disastrous video Beautiful and Miss Jackson’s, amazing , sexy and hot video  Love Will Never Do featuring a younger Djimon Hounsou.

I think this video is worse than Heidi Montag’s  video disaster “Higher” , it’s just wrong. That “model” in the last minute of the video looks ridiculous, he thinks he hot but trust me I’ve seen better. It looks like a bunch of film students threw this together. Taylor Dayne should know better. Enjoy both clips and feel free to leave comments!

Taylor Dayne’s “Beautiful” Video.

Janet Jackson “Love Will Never Do”