Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | 10 Beauty Sins
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10 Beauty Sins

Sometimes looking good is just as much about what you don’t do as what you do. But if you chew on your cuticles or use a hair dryer every day, it’s time to hit the confessional. You’re committing a beauty sin!

Who among us has not committed at least one of these? Now is the time to repent!

Beauty Sin No. 1: Chewing on Your Cuticles

It may seem like just a little nibble, but torn cuticles lead to hangnails and that can lead to an infection. Jessica Vartoughian, owner of Jessica Nail Clinic in Los Angeles, told Cosmo the trick is to keep the skin around the nails moisturized. She recommends rubbing a thick cream or oil onto your cuticles daily and massaging them with an exfoliator every few days.

Beauty Sin No. 2: Changing Your Hair Color Too Frequently

It’s fine to change your hair color or tint occasionally, but if you dye your hair too often, it will make the strands weak — not to mention the identity crisis you’ll get when you go from blonde to red to brunette in a matter of weeks. Pantene celebrity colorist Rita Hazan told Cosmopolitan that darker shades are less damaging to your hair since you aren’t stripping away natural pigment. A permanent dye can be used safely once every four weeks, while an ammonia-free, semi-permanent formula can be used once every three weeks. Just remember to get an excellent conditioner and use it frequently!

Beauty Sin No. 3: Going To Bed Without First Washing Your Face

Falling asleep with eye makeup on does not only give you puffy bags when you awaken, can also lead to infection. New York City dermatologist Patricia Wexler says layers of foundation, concealer and blush clog up your pores and keep your skin from breathing. Even if you don’t wear makeup, you still need to wash your face before bed to rid it of oil and dirt. Here’s an idea: Use pre-moistened face wipes.

Beauty Sin No. 4: Getting a Fake Tan

Do we even have to say it? Those ultraviolet-A rays that are emitted primarily from tanning-bed bulbs are also known as “aging rays.” They will actually penetrate connective tissue, which leads to premature aging. And if that’s not enough, UVA rays have also been linked to skin cancer. Just get your tan from a bottle. It’s safe… and believable.

Beauty Sin No. 5: Using Too Much Heat On Your Hair

Put down the hair dryer, curling iron and flatiron now and no one will get hurt. These instruments of hair torture will not only dry out your hair, but also leave it dull, frizzy and weak. Joico artist Anthony Morrison, owner of the Londoner Salon in Los Angeles, told Cosmo you should use a medium heat and speed setting when drying your hair and keep the nozzle a few inches away from your head. When using a flatiron, slide it quickly down your hair, and release the curling iron after five seconds. Protect your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and heat protector spray.

Beauty Sin No. 6: Reprehensibly Dark Lip Liner

If friends are asking you how you enjoyed your hot cocoa and you didn’t have hot cocoa, you’re probably wearing lip liner that’s too dark. Stop it. You look silly. Go find a lip pencil that matches your lip color.

Beauty Sin No. 7: Appallingly Squeezing Your Zits

Bicoastal dermatologist Karyn Grossman explains that picking pimples not only pushes the bad stuff out of your skin, it also pushes it in deeper, resulting in prolonged redness and increased risk of scarring. She recommends using one-percent hydrocortisone on a pimple three times a day for up to five days to decrease inflammation.

Beauty Sin No. 8: Dreadfully Dramatic Contouring

Using deep contour shades to give the illusion of a sculpted nose or a sharper cheekbone looks divine on the pages of fashion magazines where choreographed lighting diffuses the gradations of tone. But in real life, you’ve got to blend those contour shades to near invisibility. That or look like a human outline.

Beauty Sin No. 9: Spidery Eyelashes (over clumping)

Eyelashes are a fine and delicate feature, so honor them as such by using mascara only to subtly enhance. If your impulse is to over-apply, you’re going to have to teach yourself to hold back. Spidery, clumped-up, wild-looking lashes are only attractive to other spiders.

Beauty Sin No. 10: Reckless Vibrancy

If you fancy vibrant cheeks, keep your lips understated. If, on the other hand, you’re aching for vivacious lips, cool it with the blush. It’s the difference between appearing sophisticated and clownish.