Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Madonna On The Cover Of May 2008 Elle
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Madonna On The Cover Of May 2008 Elle

Can anyone else besides my sister Michelle who is 47 and stunning say they look this good at 49? I doubt Madonna has had  surgery , little if any because her face in general looks like it’s aged gracefully . Obviously there was some serious photoshopping going on to make her face look so smooth but there is no person featured in a fashion magazine with un-touched photos, so why not her?  These are some of Madonna’s latest pics from her Elle Magazine fashion shoot.

Her body looks so natural , fit , tight and FABULOUS! ( so what if some of it is photoshopped!) She truly is an icon because she has shown women that it is clearly possible to stay healthy, hot, and susscessful in middle age. It’s pretty sad when a woman who  is practically 50 has a fitter body than her much younger “it” girl counterparts like Britney Spears, Heidi Montag, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan. Sure they have younger skin and their faces are more youthful in appearence (except for Lindsay Lohan who looked 30 at 20), thats because they are young! Do you honestly think that at age 50 , Lindsay Lohan is going to look this good? That’s if she lives to be 50..ouch

Enjoy the pics