Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Lindsay Lohan, aged and confused?
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Lindsay Lohan, aged and confused?

Why is it such a beautiful talented actress like Lindsay Lohan looking 10 years older , and running around day and night with her beatnik lesbian “friend” that everyone can clearly see is her lover , making one crappy movie after another, and falling in and out of rehab centers as casually as people go to spas for facials?

If she is a lesbian then come right out and say it?  Whats weird is even though she looks worse than she ever has and her career is completely in the toilet, her new girlfriend/lesbian lover Samantha Ronson seems to have positive affect on her personality because Lindsay is looking happy alot more lately. She is smiling all the time. I guess this lesbian lover affair may just be the thing she needed all along. I wish these two the best, but we all pretty much guess how this going to end.

Anyone else noticed how Samantha dresses like a cross between a bartender and a mime? She is simply unapologetic about how much she prefers looking like a boy, good for her! Lindsay’s parents must really feel proud of the sweet darling child they raised. I’m including some good and bad shots of Lindsay for your viewing pleasure.

I predict in 5 years Lindsay will look older than Nicole Kidman, which is twisted because Kidman has about 17 years on Lohan. Is there any doubt that Lindsay’s lifestyle is aging her faster than usual? Take a hint little girl, your body cannot handle your lifestyle!  That freckly fair skin can be Lindsay’s worst nightmare if she doesn’t watch it. Slow down and take care of yourself before your end up like Courtney Love. You know things are bad when your  a young 22 year old and fans are accidentally mistaken you for the grande dame of screw-ups Courtney Love..don’t believe me? Read the story HERE