Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Style Off: Who looks younger than Lindsay Lohan?
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Style Off: Who looks younger than Lindsay Lohan?

I’m torn between being in absolute awe of Lindsay Lohan’s acting ability and beauty, and terrified by how many God awful choices she ‘s made in movies and her personal life.  She can be a dichotomy in many ways . Brilliant acting ability yet she often makes tacky choices in roles, there are times when she is glamorous then sometimes trailer parkish. As much as I adore her overall looks, Lindsay seems to be aging at an alarming rate. I started thinking about all of the twenty something actresses out there who are her age and older, and realized that Lindsay looks the oldest of the bunch! Ouch! Crowes feet at 21? Not good at all. Stay outta the sun sweetheart, your fair freckled skin wasn’t meant for all that late night partying, sun exposure, and booze.

So here are the comparisons. In my opinion all of these actresses look younger than Lindsay Lohan.