Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Supermodel Style Off: Heidi Klum VS Tyra Banks
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Supermodel Style Off: Heidi Klum VS Tyra Banks

Once again I’m taking two of the hottest models ever to walk the runways and sizing them up. I chose these two because in many ways both Tyra and Heidi live parallel lives. Tyra and Heidi are both bona fide fashion moguls with their own successful fashion inspired t.v. shows, former Victoria’s Secret models, high ranking fashion runway models, and ironically both of these divas have dated Seal the musician, although Heidi is now his wife and baby’s mama. Oh yeah and Heidi does Germany’s Top Model also, (thanks to Tyra) ..but Heidi doesn’t seem to have any problems with getting Tyra’s leftovers because she seems to have a happy, healthy marriage to Seal.

These supermodels seem to have the Midas touch when it comes to business and marketing their image. They earn some of the highest incomes in the fashion industry even though they are both basically retired. They also do it mainly without controversy and scandal like so many of their younger counterparts. Wow, these two divas are smart, beautiful, sexy and modern day icons in their own right. So lets break it down and see which one reigns supreme.



The red carpet is where the stars come to shine and both Tyra and Heidi look like natural born supermodels in these pics. The  problem with Tyra , though you can’t tell in this pic, is how hard it is to find recent photos of Tyra on the red carpet not looking tacky. Not so for Heidi who looked spectacular  almost every single  time. Tyra Banks has clearly had some battles with her weight but it still is no excuse for some of the dreadful get-ups she has worn on the red carpet in recent years. At times in some pics Tyra looks drag queenish and her clothes appear slightly ill fitting. Heidi wins this one because it’s clear she still has the supermodel look on lock.


Sorry Heidi , even though your current body is far superior to Tyra’s current form, your Sports Illustrated Cover cannot touch Tyra’s cover from back in the day ( 1997). This cover left no doubt that Tyra had one of the hottest swimsuit bodies in modeling in her day.  Look at Tyra’s midsection breasts and shape ..breathtaking!

For all you Heidi Klum fans who want to break my neck for saying this , calm down, it’s clear that Heidi has a fierce sexy body and she’s proved it buy cranking out babies and still maintaining a well toned physique. But the proof is in the pudding. Tyra wins this one.




Print ad warriors is what they are and both Tyra and Heidi look mouthwatering in these photos. When Tyra isn’t in charge of styling her own hair she seems to rock any color hair she has on. As opposed to Heidi who sticks within the same color range most of the time. I’m a bigger fan of Tyra’s overall look in this pic, but Heidi seems to be bringing the mix of  high fashion, and maxim both at the same time in her photo. While Tyra appears more catalogue and Maxim magazine in this one. So, I think you know where I’m going with this. Heidi Klum beats Tyra in this one, although is was a very difficult decision.




I love looking at the ad campaigns of dueling supermodels. Len Crafters hired these two to sell their glasses and they both look amazing. The red backdrop does wonders for Heidi’s delicate undertones and she looks like a sexy, blonde doll in this ad. Tyra on the other hand is bringing the fierce supermodel “I can wear glasses and still look like a supermodel ” swag on. She looks like super hero in this one and in my opinion totally stole this one from Heidi.

To be honest I wouldn’t mind looking like either of these goddesses but only one can be the winner and Tyra Banks 4 eyes looks more stylish than Heidi’s.





Here are two stunning photos of Tyra and Heidi on the Victoria’s Secret runway and this may be one of the hardest of all to judge. Heidi looks like a queen and Tyra looks like a goddess. One thing about Heidi’s body that I do not care much for is here unusually wide waist. Even when she is rail thin it throws me off sometimes. Tyra to be honest is bigger than usual for a VS model but she has a fierceness and dominance over Heidi in this photo. So considering that they both look equally hot , I think Tyra’s extra weight and Heidi’s square waist makes this style off a tie. Sorry






2 great pics of 2 equally smoldering divas. I hate doing these types of comparisons because it makes you think too much when trying to be fair. Heidi and Tyr’s boobs look phenomenal. This photo  of Tyra is a few years older than Heidi’s but she does look sexy, sleek, and fashionable. The problem is like I said before that finding current pics of Tyra like this is not easy. Heidi looks fresh, stylish and sexy and the photo is more current than Tyra’s. Heidi wins this one.





When it comes to high fashion posing Tyra takes the lead. Although Heidi looks sexier and clearly more sophisticated in her pic, Tyra’s ability to land her poses no matter how unconventional they may seem sets her apart from Heidi.

You can try all you want but trying to imitate Tyra stance in this photo is very difficult ( i know..I tried!) . Her height and body  angles pops off the screen, also Tyra knows how to contort her poses to make it look as if her hair is flowing in the wind whether a fan is in the room or not. No matter how you feel about Tyra Banks personally she has more of an edge when it comes down to posing. Tyra wins this one.




This is the part that Tyra lovers may not like. But lately when it comes to hair and especially makeup Tyra has been looking tranny-like, pasty , and extreme. It’s called overkill and Tyra doesn’t seem to care 1 bit..probably because of those huge stacks in her bank accounts. The lace front wig hair line is so obvious, and the makeup is packed on. Tyra SHOULD know better. Heidi on the other hand is wearing alot of makeup also but chooses less extremes and it works marvelously on her face. Even with her dark roots showing she mops the floor with Tyra in this pic. Heidi owns it.




Heidi looks so hot and sexy in this pic and Tyra looks like she is the queen of all bikinis, and normally Tyra would get this one hands down, because again Heidi’s waist seems so much wider than Tyra’s. Tyra looks like she belongs on the beach, and Heidi looks like she is the was born to wear that 2 piece diamond encrusted lingerie. The winner of this round has to be Heidi, because not only is more recent and consistent of what Heidi looks like currently unlike Tyra, but her chiseled arms, toned tummy and million dollar smile gives her the prize. Heidi wins this round.




If it isn’t clear by now , Heidi Klum is the winner of this style off. If you browse around you will see plenty of stories on Tyra Banks because I am a huge fan of hers and I respect her. I wouldn’t be a honest blogger if I used my personal feelings to judge this style off and give it to Tyra. Just consider this, they are both close in age and have very similar histories, but Heidi Klum has done everything Tyra Banks has done, in addition to having 3 kids and she has managed to keep her supermodel looks, style and body. Congrats Heidi!