Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Cesar Galindo’s Spring 2008 Collection Featuring ANTM Winner Jaslene
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Cesar Galindo’s Spring 2008 Collection Featuring ANTM Winner Jaslene

I’ve got the exclusive latest snapshots Cesar Galindo’s newest collection, and man is it gorgeous! Especially since one of the models featured in this shoot is Cycle 8 America’s Next Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez. Who said these models never get any real work after winning?

Jaslene and 3 other Elite models are rocking out some of Cesar’s latest masterpieces and looking very much like a top model. I am so proud of her, I think she is holding her own quite well up against those 3 stunning Elite models. Cesar continues to amaze me , his collection is more beautiful than ever , the colors, form and textures are glamorous, bright, and perfectly combined for what many are saying is his greatest collection to date.  Seth Cohen,’s very own in house style expert is a co-collaborator for Cesar’s designs and as you can see, they make a dynamic fashion design team…See for yourself.

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In case you don’t know about Cesar Galindo….(excerpts from his personal bio)
I began designing dresses in my teens and sold them to a consignment store while I attended high school in my native city of Houston, Texas. Both my mother’s love of sewing, and my father’s sense of style and affinity for color, influence much of what I do to this very day. I come from a family of thirteen, in which five of my siblings are women of different shapes. I like to think that I keep this in mind whenever I create a collection of cocktail and evening wear for my ladies or when I am asked to interpret another designer’s vision.

I learned to sew by watching my mother work on her machine and by experimenting on my own. My formal training did not really begin until I started working for The Miami City Ballet as the Assistant to Jose Varona III. It was there, under his tutelage, that I learned the intricacies of costume design – from delicate as well as heavily constructed underpinnings, to elaborate, highly decorative garments.

I then took a position with The Houston Grand Opera, as an assistant costumer to the company. My creative skills were further honed by the needs of the troupe’s performers. A flare for the dramatic remains with me to this very day. All of my dresses and gowns are lined in my signature fuchsia charmeuse. I like to think that life should always be bright and colorful!

Career Highlights

1986: First commissioned fashion collection for Visible Changes, Houston Texas 

1986-1989: Store partner and designer for Apostle III stores in Santa Barbara, CA and Austin, Texas

1989:Miami City Ballet: Assistant to Jose Varona III, Costume Designer for the Nutcracker, Miami, Florida

1990: Houston Grand Opera: Assistant Costumer to the company

1991: TSE Cashmere: Showroom Manager

1992:Carmelo Pomodoro: Assistant to the designer until his untimely death

1993- 1998: Cesar Galindo Collection: Designer signature seasonal dress collection

1997: SAGA Furs sponsorship: Traveled to Scandinavia as a guest of SAGA Furs to learn fur design

1999: Chaka Khan World Tour with Prince: Designed tour wardrobe for Ms. Khan

1999-2004:Dolce & Gabbana: Special Projects: Designed costumes for celebrity clients including Madonna, Mary J. Blige and Missy Elliot

2004-Present: Re-launch of Cesar Galindo Collection: Design seasonal collection of couture cocktail and eveningwear

2005-2007: Calvin Klein Women’s Collection: Seasonal contract to interpret dresses. sportswear and eveningwear under the guidance of Creative Director, Francisco Costa

2008: Houston Grand Opera: Costume Designer for the world premiere of “Last Acts”, an original English language opera starring Frederika Von Staad