Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Amy Winehouse wigless & back from the dead.
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Amy Winehouse wigless & back from the dead.

Amy Winehouse appears to be winning her battle against drugs as she looked the picture of health during a winter break in the sun.

And the singer also seems to have gained a considerable amount of weight over the last month.

Pleased with her new curves, Amy happily flaunted her topless figure in a pair of skimpy bikini bottoms.

The star is currently receiving treatment at a London clinic after a drug overdose.

And by the looks of things, rehab is having a positive effect on the star as she seemed relaxed and enjoying the break while frolicking on the Caribbean beach.

The 25-year-old, who was admitted to a clinic last month after suffering ‘a bad reaction to her prescribed medication’, has also reportedly started daily two-hour sessions at the gym.

‘She has hired a personal trainer,’ a source revealed.

‘She’s very enthusiastic about her sessions and bounds in to work out on the bikes, weights and Power Plate.

Janis, Amy’s mother,  recently revealed: ‘She’s being taken care of. She’s resting and eating well, and there are no drugs there.’

Husband Blake Fielder Civil, 26, has also been in rehab as part of his 27-month prison sentence for GBH and trial fixing, but failed a drugs test and was put back in jail.

He could now be in jail until early 2010 after breaking the early release terms of his 27-month sentence.

Fielder Civil told a tabloid of the extent of his drug-taking with award-winning singer Miss Winehouse, how he introduced his wife to hard drugs, and his fear as she collapsed with a seizure after an all-day binge.

The music video assistant, broke down as he told of how Amy asked him to let her try crack cocaine as she watched him taking it.

He revealed he was so consumed with remorse he considered taking his own life. ‘I feel like killing myself. I feel like f***** dying.’