Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | The Fashion Flock Toasts Waris Ahluwalia’s Avian-Themed Jewelry
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The Fashion Flock Toasts Waris Ahluwalia’s Avian-Themed Jewelry

Waris Ahluwalia, the part-time actor, part-time jeweler, part-time artist, and full-time man-about-town, is always on the lookout for inspiration. Even, apparently, when he’s in strange restrooms in Paris. That’s where, while working on a project with his friend, the film director Wes Anderson, he got the idea for Omnia Vincit Amor, a new jewelry collection based on a flock of friendly birds with names like Raphael, Octavian, Roma, and Liberte. Their Monday night launch party at Colette packed the likes of Lou Doillon, Suzy Menkes, and Leelee Sobieski into the rue Saint-Honoré hot spot.

“This is the first time the jewelry has migrated to Paris, and I plan on being the first person to steal something,” said Doillon. “Cover me.” The French beauty would make a lousy thief; she left her checkbook at the store, only to have it returned by the jewelry maker himself at the after-party at Le Baron. And that’s not all that was left behind: Ahluwalia lost his voice. When we caught up with him at the nightclub, he had commandeered a waitress’ pad and pencil to communicate with well-wishers like Purple’s Olivier Zahm, Anne McNally, and Liz Goldwyn. Was he happy he and his flying friends were in Paris? “Yes, we’re looking for greener, warmer pastures,” he scribbled. And how long did he plan on being here? “It’s not up to me. I’m on tour with the birds.”

— Derek Blasberg