Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Forget Beyonce & Rihanna,The New Queen Bee Of Music & Fashion is Lady Gaga
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Forget Beyonce & Rihanna,The New Queen Bee Of Music & Fashion is Lady Gaga

From the minute she stepped out of her convertible Rolls Royce decked out in a solar-system-inspired gown, Lady Gaga and her three distinct outfit changes grabbed all the attention–even though the singer herself only grabbed two awards for her five nominations. Once I saw this vison of Lady Gaga I knew Beyonce and Rihanna where in some serious trouble, because all eyes where on GaGa. Lady Gaga is not only a fearless fashionsita, but she is truly talented as a singer, song writer, and musician. Watch her incredible duet with Elton John.

After dazzling the red-carpet oglers with her otherworldly Armani getup, Gaga opened the awards with a duet with Elton John that was preceded by a shortened arrangement of her seemingly unstoppable hit, “Poker Face.” The performance was unforgettable, but her golden hairdo and pink frock was left behind in favor of high-cut, dazzling emerald leotard with platinum blonde, iron-straight extensions. Add to that sparkling fuschia triangles covering her eyes, it was almost enough to distract from what at best appeared to be a very uncomfortable wardrobe malfunction.

After being ceremoniously deposited into a giant cauldron of flames, Gaga reemerged onto the stage sans eye glitter and plus one very effervescent Elton John for a remix of his iconic number, “Your Song.” This time her shining locks had been dulled by smoke and ash and her eye make-up duly smudged.

And though Gaga wouldn’t step another foot onto the stage for the remainder of the evening, that didn’t prevent the sartorially adventurous star to indulge in one final metamorphosis. In typical Gaga fashion, the self-styled artist forwent pants for sheer and shimmering pantyhose topped with a cropped silver jacket and lightening bold headgear.

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