Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Please Do Not Ever Wear Your Eyeshadow Like This
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Please Do Not Ever Wear Your Eyeshadow Like This

I hate picking on anybody, but I can’t stop myself from posting this photo of Stacy Keibler as an example of everything that can go wrong with blue eyeshadow. But whatever, she’s dating George Clooney, so I don’t feel that bad for her.

Stacy Keibler was on George Clooney’s arm at last night’s “Ides of March” premiere in Paris–that’s pretty much as good a date as dates get–and Tracey over at Slaves to Fashion gave her dress rave reviews. But this is what she chose to do with her eye makeup.

I’m about to zoom in further, so brace yourselves.

So. Many. Sparkles. (On her collarbone, too, by the way!) That’s the main way in which this blue eyeshadow went very wrong–it’s just altogether too glittery. The color just covers too much surface area, too, circling below her lids and then swooshing all the way up over her brow bones. Just … no! Make it stop! I mean, possibly if you happen to be Katy Perry, you could make this work, but otherwise, I say just skip this look.

I’m sure Stacy is a lovely woman who just got talked into this by some overeager makeup artist who was overexcited about the whole George-Clooney-film-premiere-in-Paris situation and wanted to do something out-there and slightly edgy. Hopefully next time we see her we’ll get to enjoy her beauty without all this crazy distraction.