Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Backstage With Karlie Kloss At The Vistoria’s Secret Fashion Show !
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Backstage With Karlie Kloss At The Vistoria’s Secret Fashion Show !

We’re just hours away from tonight’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which means there’s a bevy of angels getting all dolled up backstage right this minute. I managed to sneak in and steal a few minutes with this year’s most anticipated new face, Karlie Kloss (yes gals, I officially broke the news via @lomrantz and now I’ve got even more scoop…)

The 18-year-old catwalker–better known for her work on the runways of Marc Jacobs and ad campaigns for Christian Dior–will make her debut in tonight’s show (it airs on November 29 at 10pm on CBS, for anyone who wants to watch at home!). “It’s crazy, it’s truly a spectacle, just a whole day of preparing for this crazy show today, being an angel for a day,” she told me backstage. She also ‘fessed up to being a bit nervous: “I was kind of hesitant at first, you know, but once we had our rehearsal yesterday and I put my wings on–I have these huge, 10-foot wide wings–but once you get out there and the music starts, and the show gets going, it’s just going to be one big party. But yeah, I’ve never been in my underwear in front of 10 million people before.”

I had to ask about what she thinks about the comparisons to Gisele Bundchen, which we’ve been hearing a lot of–the first model in years to straddle both high fashion and the lucrative lingerie worlds with serious success in both. “That’s an incredible, incredible compliment,” she said. “Not many people are able to do that. Gisele is someone who is a huge role model to me for many reasons, and even being mentioned in the same sentence as her is pretty cool to me.”

As for what her high school friends think of her being in the show, she says it’s garnering a whole different level of respect. “It’s funny, you can be a Calvin Klein exclusive or be in an editorial in Italian Vogue and people are like, eh, okay. But this is different. It’s accessible to so many more people around the world. I love being a part of something so many people can relate to and enjoy.”