Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | The jacket backpack
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The jacket backpack

Julian Zigerli’s  jacket backpack, genius or total fail ?  In all fairness guys is this really necessary?

From Tendances de Mode

Hyères festival in different rooms ready-to-wear, few young designers successfully combine design, originality and portability. This is not the case of Switzerland which Zigerli Julian, the top of its 26 years, managed to seduce with its hybrid jacket that can both act as a jacket as a backpack …

Officially designed for men, the creations of Julian Zigerli had no trouble to seduce the very avant-garde Susanna Lau of Style Bubble. It must be said that wearing a pink barbie bang on trend fluorescent DNA conceptual and ergonomics reminiscent jackets baseball American campuses (the rating is currently in good shape), that jacket was likely to attract the eye of this creations kawaii addict pointed.

And if the past usually finds Miss Lau excite us without convince us to adopt this part 2 in 1 may be the exception that proves the rule. Beautifully designed, with a rear volume is both functional and surprisingly “aesthetic” that funny jacket confer indeed a good dose of humor stylish appearance not without the sporty casualness of such parts.

We note in passing that if Susie Lau could not help but associate this piece with a happy melting pot stirring dress influences and styles (and is concocting a look that only a girl of her caliber is likely to take) , it is not so far sentenced to flirt with a higher bid details funky.


In practice, this “jacket backpack” to win be associated with clean uniforms, which will go from being a gadget fashion designer jacket that of its own. We think and to marry a gross cigarette jeans, a denim shirt and a pair of brown boots with heels, to all faded blue slim and short on the ankle / pull bordeaux end, and loose round neck / ankle high brick perched, or the trio navy pencil skirt / end pull camel / camel pair of Chelsea boots with high heels and square.

The only downside: those who want to afford that fancy sporty worth around 500 euros will for the moment no choice but to take a trip to Milan, Julian Zigerli not yet succeeded in seducing Colette , Scout and other Parisian concept store …