Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | The Momo bag by Jerome Dreyfuss
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The Momo bag by Jerome Dreyfuss

New colorful handbags with patch work designs coming in February 2012.

From Tendances de Mode
Within the family of Jerome Dreyfuss bags, little Momo pulls nicely out of the game Although smaller than its big brothers, the micro model attractive indeed for several seasons as its vintage draws by his side “miniature luxury “. Success on track to last, judging by the look of the vintage deliciously addictive summer of 2012 …

Having honored the duets of materials, designers this season have not hesitated to rely on a patchwork bit more daring (Balenciaga, Miu Miu, etc).. But if trying to insert into his wardrobe consists of a piece of a puzzle materials can sometimes be dangerous, it is quite different when it happens to be an accessory …

Combining various combinations of skin and mix and match colors of stylish and funky, different versions of the discrete Momo – 15x12x6cm – designed by Jerome Dreyfuss for 2012 have therefore been how to attract attention.

Model combining burgundy, chocolate, gray and navy blue leather humble than displaying a speckled girliness Dotted (python between bracket and bleached coral), through the mixing bold reptile skins psychedelic, each “Momo” has DNA of its own, the wisest or extravagant.

In doing so, Jerome Dreyfuss gives everyone the opportunity to address the patchwork pattern according to its sensitivity. Those who have had enough of the python and will head to the harmonies of colors finely retro, while others indulge their passion for trend “Kaa” via models more or less extroverted.

And if the color model in python pink girl were starting to leave us dreamers, we need to imagine the latter associated with the more casual summer outfits – shorts denim / white T-shirt – for a glimpse of its high degree of desirability …