Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Fabulous hair trends for fall and winter
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Fabulous hair trends for fall and winter

These new hair trends are edgy and also include vintage styles with a modern twist that are very sexy.

From Maxi


Whether blonde or brunette, long or short hair: The hair trends for the cold season promise extravagant cuts and styling.
On the one hand, some looks are minimalist and lightweight, the other wild stylings frame the face in an untamed beauty.
Have fun with the hair trends for fall / winter.

The best hairstyles for long hair

Pure, gentle and pure, this section presents with mild levels based on the 70.

Blonde seduction be classified in the sleek look.

Short Hair: Exciting Trendstyles

Female and one lane provocatively Garcon look with long hair covering.

Bob Style: Wonderfully changeable

The perfect combination of chic and casual in a loose bun look. Here are the pages are summarized in the neck and braided into a French braid.
Delicate contrasts in the Natural Look: The mind is matchstick-in short, the pony with extravagant, long game.
The narrow sides and held a long pony make the face appear strong and confident. For individualists: The red Pflechtzopf!
This hairstyle lives off earthy tones and smooth transitions.
Wrapped in bubbles that few of us go through everyday life. We let ourselves be inspired by the likes Zopfwerk .
The Bob is back with the party. Here as a long version with frayed ends.
The bob is transformed by the wide curls quickly sensational femme fatal look.
A La-Ola-wave hairdo for this trend.