Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Versace Designs for H & M
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Versace Designs for H & M

Donatella Versace shows her fun side with her new collection for H & M, focusing on the youth.

From Petra


H & M has once again a star designer for a joint collection finished. This time it is Donatella Versace, the magic with bright colors and bold cuts a bit of fun into the daily grind. Since the 17th November 2011, the new collection in stores.


“When H & M asked me if I wanted to work with them, I have to say without hesitation I agreed. Many young people do not really know Versace – I want to show them what Versace is actually like. For this I went on a journey through the history of Versace today. Eds-come is something like a CD with the greatest hits collections of. ”

“All keyed pieces are for the hay-term period have been updated: The proportions are new, the cuts are different, but the iconic design is recognizable. I think it’s amazing to see how this classic seem even more relevant today than at the time. ”

“I love the jersey dress with studs, because it shows that at Versace’s always a balance between hard and soft. Something that I think that women are also strong, but gentle with one side. I also love the printed leggings, cashmere sweaters and jeans. Nobody makes printed jeans, so I thought, ‘Why not’ The collaboration with H & M has the freedom given to me, to be implemented on this?. In addition, prints of one of the most important elements of the tradition of Versace. ”

“The jewelry is just great – especially the flowers are wunderschön rings. I want them all. The printed bags with the Miami-print are gorgeous and the shoes just as I love them: only high heels. Sneakers are not in it for me. ”

“When we were going to develop the collection, I wanted aufhören anymore. For me it’s tremendously exciting to attract a new generation. I’m incredibly excited about what they will do with all these Kleidungsstücken. Probable they carry a wonderful heritage to rock-NEN motorcycle boots – who knows? I want to really show what is at stake in fashion. It is not art, it’s fun. And I can not even wait for it, to bear more of the collection. At my last Men’s-Fashion-show I’ve worn the rivet-occupied leather dress. I have to wear all the clothes! I just need it all! ”