Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Dita Von Teese’s upcoming beauty book
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Dita Von Teese’s upcoming beauty book

Dita Von Teese shares her beauty secrets in a new book coming out soon.

From Grazia

If anyone has idea of beauty rituals, then Dita Von Teese: None is always styled in every detail as perfect as the burlesque queen. But that was long known – quite the contrary to this news: Dita will share all their tips and tricks in her beauty book with us!

Paint by numbers was yesterday, now it’s make-up after Dita Von Teese. How does the burlesque queen her ebony black hair in shape, what shade of red is it that makes her beautiful lips shine and secret potions which makes their skin so smooth and soft?

All that the 38-year-old beauty reveals in her first book to appear very soon, even as it announced via Twitter:

“Thank you for your beauty rituals you shared with me, I love to read them. I’m working on my beauty book, it’s almost done! ”

It was not until almost done? Dita Hurry! We are quite impatient and curious about your beauty secrets! And also on Dita’s “real” face, because, again via Twite
she wrote:

“In my beauty book I will show you step by step how I style my hair and make-up – the perfect look without make up”
Let’s see, maybe not so unflattering Dita looks so much different than we do – that would definitely make us more sympathetic …