Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Jessica Biel is ravishing in Valentino
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Jessica Biel is ravishing in Valentino

Jessica Biel lit up the red carpet in Valentino.


On the red carpet for the premiere of New Year’s Eve, Jessica Biel knocked it out of the fashion park in her beaded, drop-waist V

alentino dress. Then, later that night, she killed it again in a white Victoria Beckham three-quarter-l

ength-sleeve dress with fantastic suede sandals. I have to say, I am loving J.B.’s style recently. If I handed out awards that people cared about, she’d be at the top of my list to receive the Mannering Golden Freckle Award for Style Excellence.

In late October, the 29-year-old star wore an absolutely perfect Giambattista Valli dress with over-the-top puff sleeves that were to die for. And now, she’s nailed it twice over as she makes the rounds promoting her new flick. Girl is on fiyah!

I can’t wait to see what she wears next. If it’s a $5,000 gown or a $125 dress, I’m confident Jess will make me green with envy and flushed with happiness. I think that means my face will turn purple the next time Ms. Biel steps out, and I’m OK with that.

Since, let’s be honest, her acting career is not really going that well, maybe she can use her sense of style to stay in the spotlight and to keep people interested. And if she chooses to do that, fine by me. I’d much rather look at photos of her and dream about wearing whatever fabulousness she’s got on instead of suffering through whatever movie she’s in. I mean, New Year’s Eve? No thanks. I think Jess has more star power as a fashion maven than as an actress. Her red carpet style is way more interesting than any film project she’s been a part of.