Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Eighties Cover Girl Paulina Porizkova botox free and stunning!
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Eighties Cover Girl Paulina Porizkova botox free and stunning!

The one thing about Paulina Porizkova that I simply love is her natural approach to aging. When I say natural, I mean natural for Hollywood standards. You know, natural in the sense that she hasn’t been over tanning, or getting facelifts, botox , fillers , and all the standard fakey things that most former “it” girls will do to stay relevant (example Rose McGowan).

Paulina is so beautiful that she makes aging look effortless. To this day I amazed that she married and is still married to the dreadfully skinny Rick Ocasek from the Cars, I guess love really is blind, at least from Paulina’s point a view..

From Czech stunner Paulina Porizkova is used to making headlines. The Sports Illustrated cover star and supermodel garnered her fair share of attention as an editorial fixture and runway queen in the eighties—not to mention landing a starring role in the video for the Cars hit “Drive” and then later wedding the band’s former front man, Ric Ocasek.

But these days, Porizkova is more likely to send tongues wagging about her abrupt dismissal from America’s Next Top Model in 2008 and her candid comments about fading beauty in the wake of the supermodel era. “Nothing ages as poorly as a beautiful woman’s ego,” she recently told the New York Post before lamenting her peers’ need and desire for plastic surgery.

“I don’t have anything in my face,” Porizkova insisted last night at the 20th anniversary of Avon Anew, for which she serves spokesperson duty, scrunching her skin in every which way to illustrate its impressive, Botox-free mobility. She may have sworn off injectables, but the 46-year-old has some other secrets for preserving eternal youth. Here, Porizkova talks skincare regimens and the good old days while offering up some advice for navigating the modeling industry almost 30 years after the original supermodels hung up their stilettos.