Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Bangalore Fashion Week face music copyright issue
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Bangalore Fashion Week face music copyright issue

09-bangalore-fashion-week-300711The sixth four-day Bangalore Fashion Week (BFW) might have to go on without music if Phonographic Performances Limited (PPL) have it their way. They have secured an interim injunction order from the Delhi High Court to prevent the shows organisers from playing any Hindi music without a licence during the show.

The injunction could turn the BFW, which is fast becoming a fixture in Bangalore that is looked forward too all year around, into a music-less event with silent catwalks. Perhaps they hope the organisers will be spurred to gain the licences for the event, in fear of guests opting out in favour of a Foxy Bingo game or another event?

“We have secured an injunction order against BFW management, event management firm Dream Merchants, designers and sponsors who will be accountable for copyright violation if tracks are played without licence,” said Sowmya Chaudhary, the PPL country head.

Chaudhary claims that Dream Merchants have been violating the copyright laws for years, even though they have been issued several reminders, warnings and court orders on the issue. As a means to stop them in their tracks, PPL have acted ahead of time to stop the same thing occurring yet again.

The company who are in charge of performance rights for over 260 music companies, may have acted in vain however. The spokesman for BFW and Dream Merchants Roshan Mohan had this to say:

“We are not planning to play music owned by the PPL. Instead we will play our own music. We have also got a licence from another competent authority.”

So, anyone looking to go need not worry it will be a mostly silent event then?

Bangalore Fashion Week will take place from the 2nd February 2012.