Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Maxime Simoens Spring 2012 Couture
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Maxime Simoens Spring 2012 Couture

By Nicole Phelps
Dressing Beyoncé for the cover of her album can do a lot for a designer’s front row. Beth Ditto was whooping it up in Maxime Simoens’ audience today, perhaps shopping for an outfit of her own for her upcoming release. The quotient of influential editors in attendance was higher, too.

Simoens, a cinema buff, traded in last season’s Nosferatu inspiration for a film of a more recent vintage, Gaspard Noé’s Tokyo-set piece Enter the Void. But despite the decades separating the movies, the two collections were consistent, with slim silhouettes and graphic embellishments dominating both. If the mosaic-like tiles on a long strapless dress and a structured short-sleeve jacket didn’t quite evoke the “entirely new take on contemporary Japan” that the show notes augured, there was promise in Simeons’ vibrantly color-blocked mousseline dresses. And it was likewise refreshing to see a designer using embroidery—in this case nail-head studs on black crepe—in a forward-looking way.

As for Ditto, we can see her rocking one of Simoens’ fitted cocktail dresses. Their organza wings will come in handy for stage-diving.