Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Blackberry Playbook, Fashion, Makeup & Low-Cal Cocktails
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Blackberry Playbook, Fashion, Makeup & Low-Cal Cocktails was invited to the Blackberry Playbook ‘Meet Playbook” event at the Chelsea Market in New York City last week. The atmosphere was fun, busy and very laid back, almost lounge like. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a smiling RIM spokeswoman Patti McKague who asked if I wanted to try out the playbook tablet and handed me a demo playbook to use.

As I scanned the room I saw makeup makeovers being offered by Everyday Minerals, makeup artist Raphael Pastor had a growing line of women and young girls waiting to get their face ‘done’ for free. I overheard an African-American woman ask for the “Amy Winehouse” eyes, which was a kinda weird request but overall it looked pretty fun.

I didn’t feel like waiting to be made up, so I strolled over to fashion designer Cesar Galindo’s live look book fashion shoot just a few feet away, he was promoting his new line Czar. I walked over to Cesar Galindo (who happens to be one of my favorite fashion designers) kissed him on the cheek and asked if I can take some pictures. He responded while smiling, “as long as you take them with the playbook”. Now I am a pretty savvy chick when it comes to technology, but I must admit, I didn’t even know blackberry had a tablet, so I figured it would take 15-30 minutes to figure out just how to operate this thing. To my surprise , within 3 minutes I had it down.

The Playbook is surprisingly easy and VERY intuitive. I was able to start snapping high resolution pictures on my demo Playbook and send them off to my email within seconds. **All photos taken for this post was with the lightweight Blackberry Playbook**

The Playbook is also much cheaper than it’s rival iPad and this economy I think it’s a great alternative to the iPad. The thing that impressed me the most is that is has Flash. Yes, you can actually view sites in Flash on the Blackberry Playbook. So now I don’t have to see a dead looking page when I view Tom Ford’s web site on a tablet.

I leaped up on stage and took a few snapshots of Cesar Galindo with models and makeup artist Chris Paleo. Overall the event was killer. To top it off , I won a free autographed copy of  author Gabrielle Bernstein’s self help book “Spirit Junkie” (a fabulous read so far) and of course there were free low calorie alcohol cocktails by Voli Light Vodkas. If you ask me, I couldn’t tell that it was low-cal, all I know is that I was feeling very ‘light’ on my feet for the rest of the day .

In my opinion, Blackberry needs to really push this tablet and the best selling points they can use is the amazing low price ( a mere $249), flexible easy to use intuitive interface, and the fact that is displays flash unlike Apple tablets, which is amazing. “It does just about everything the iPad can do”  according to RIM’s senior PR manager Patti McKague.

I give the Blackberry Playbook 4 out of 5 stars overall and look forward to updates and new features. The price is astoundingly low and the tech is pretty solid.