Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Black model Jourdan Dunn suspiciously cut from Dior’s couture line up.
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Black model Jourdan Dunn suspiciously cut from Dior’s couture line up.

It’s every working runway model’s dream to walk the runway for Christian Dior. Unfortunately English supermodel Jourdan Dunn wasn’t among them. The model tweeted that she was cut from the Dior Couture line up because of her breast size.

There are several ways to take this story and come to your own conclusions about the actual reason Supermodel Jourdan Dunn was removed from the Christian Dior Couture show in Paris today. My first instinct is to assume the obvious which is race. Even Jourdan herself tweeted something to that effect ( in regards to previous situations) after her previous tweet about being suddenly removed.

Some people tend to think that models of color are usually overreacting when they blame racism for their lack of bookings, campaigns, and magazine covers. It’s an unfortunate truth that anyone who works within the industry who wants to be honest know that is exactly the case in many instances.

Dior needs the diversity as do many of the top houses in fashion. Ever since Raf Simons was placed in charge of Dior, the house’s runways and media campaigns have been virtually white. Top industry figures have begun to point fingers at Dior in particular Raf Simons for brazenly refusing castings of ethnic models. Casting director James Scully told Buzzfeed after the last fashion season,

I feel the Dior cast is just so pointedly white that it feels deliberate. I watch that show and it bothers me — I almost can’t even concentrate on the clothes because of the cast. And recently they’re changing from a very diverse, worldwide, multicultural cast to just a very Germanic-looking white girl. Natalie Portman could complain that John Galliano was a racist, but I feel [Dior designer] Raf Simons sends the same message. I don’t know what the difference is.

So is this boob excuse just a suspicious sneak around for Dior to get a black face off their runway? Or is there a flip side to this reasoning? Here is another very logical reason.

She most likely got breast implants

It’s obvious that Jourdan Dunn had a boob job, at least to me. One of the few golden rules of being a busy working runway model is to NEVER get a boob job. Jourdan has denied ever getting implants but as you can clearly see in the photos below something has definitely been changed. The one industry that does not smile kindly on busty beauty is high fashion runway modeling.

As a runway model your body basically needs to be a hanger to display the clothes. Too much of this or too much of that just won’t work in high fashion. Think of the mannequins you see in the store window. Once a model gets implants, even if they are small, they change the game.

She has tattoos.

jourdan-dunn-tattooAnother problem, tattoos. Jourdan has again broken another golden rule in runway. She has tattoos. I understand the desire to be different, but considering that being such a successful black model in a white dominated industry is a rarity she should have waited until her career started to wind down before doing something so risky. Let’s face it.

As a model you have a very short shelf life, no matter what race you are. Personally I would have saved the body art for a rainy day, and work as long as possible. Dunn is only 23 and has already committed 2 major gaffes that could hurt her career down the road.

The real irony in this is that Jourdan is fortunately still one of the busiest models in the industry. So although she does have to endure the racism that all models of color face, she clearly has the skills and appeal to be booked for entire seasons.