Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Major: Missoni 60th Anniversary Campaign
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Major: Missoni 60th Anniversary Campaign

Missoni’s 2nd Fall/Winter 2013-2014 show, conceived as a sequel to the summer 2013 campaign and part of the 60th anniversary campaign, takes us backwards and forward in time, between the past and the future of the Missoni fashion label. Last season was marked by a young cast of characters with a traditional, plush background of period interiors, but this new campaign, shot on location on Cornwall’s rocky, barren shores, propels us into an almost lunar dimension.

missoni ad campign 2014 beach shoot

The female star, British top model Stella Tennant, is an international, charismatic icon who interprets different feminine identities like an actress. She is wearing historic Missoni garments while soaring across the landscape.

The narrative link between the two campaigns is an odd, alien-looking cubic shell, a design-sculpture element with different dimensions and functions. It appears sometimes as a portable tool, a small stool, or even an astral fetish in Stella Tennant’s hands.

missoni ad campign 2014 4

The unplanned, uncontrollable contribution of the sea breeze adds dynamism to the shots, enhancing the model’s presence and vitality, infusing Alasdair McLellan’s pictures with a special kind of energy.

Against the same background, posing within the large cube wearing the Missoni Uomo winter menswear collection, Paul Sculfor displays an adult charm, that of a man who knows how to transpose his personality, intensity, and authenticity into fashion.