Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Fiery gaze burning glamour smoky eye Anjelica Huston
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Fiery gaze burning glamour smoky eye Anjelica Huston

MODEL: NOUN AND VERB ~ Applause for the former who’ve excelled at the latter ~


SUBJECT: Anjelica Houston

CATEGORY: Model ~ Actress ~ Glamazon

DEFINING FEATURES: Limbs (lithe and long) ~ Hair (luscious and raven) ~ Eyes (almond and dark) ~ Nose (jutting and aristocratic)

SYNONYMS: Striking, Imposing, Bewitching, Singular, Self-possessed, Intense, Androgynous

anjelica huston by bob richardson 1971COMPRESSED HISTORY: July 8, 1951 – Anjelica Houston is born to John (legendary Hollywood director) Huston and ballerina Enrica (Ricki) Soma. Her childhood is spent mostly in Ireland and England. The late ’60s finds Anjelica dipping her toe into acting with a few minor and one major role in films directed by her famous father.

The chance to understudy Marianne Faithfull in Tony Richardson’s “Hamlet,” takes Anjelica to London. During rehearsals, Richard (friend to her parents) Avedon asks to photograph her. Avedon concludes due to her broad shoulders that she won’t make an ideal model. “Hamlet” takes Anjelica to New York.

She couldn’t have been more different than the all-American blondes who were landing magazine covers and ad campaigns at the time.

Her unique look makes her one of the iconic models of the ’70s. Quintessential party girl, Anjelica’s look represents one of a liberated woman: domineering and free. The ‘70s echo of another time of women’s lib, the ‘20s flapper.

Her androgyny matched with her strong, angular build and aristocratic air would be somewhat of a forerunner of the mid 1990s crop of English girls like Erin O’Connor and Stella Tennant. A favorite of David Bailey, Bob Richardson and Avedon, and was a muse to all.


Anjelica huston Valentino 3

DEFINING MOMENT: At 17, shortly after the passing of her mother and her arrival in New York, Harper’s Bazaar calls; they send photographer Bob (Father of Terry) Richardson to photograph her. On Jones Beach they share a “magical afternoon” which leads to a fruitful affair.

Lauren Hutton and Anjelica Huston by Richard Avedon-1970_7

LUCK vs. AMBITION: “I always knew I was talented. I always knew I had more than, initially, if I can be so blunt, I was appreciated for. That I had this thing that I had to get out—something that I had to push along.”

POST SCRIPT: Anjelica, along with Elsa Peretti, Pat Cleveland, Karen Bjornson were collectively know as The Halstonettes.


Story By: Mac Folkes. Follow Mac On Facebook