Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Guo Pei: Haute Couture is not a piece of clothing ,but a dream.
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Guo Pei: Haute Couture is not a piece of clothing ,but a dream.

Guo-Pei-designerUpon graduation in 1986 from The Beijing Light Industry School of Costume Design, This visionary a former Beijing City Garment factory designer and the daughter of an army platoon leader set about an ascendancy unseen and unequaled in Haute Couture in Paris ,its birthplace let alone China where she is the first.

To say she is a pioneer does not pay due homage to the exalted levels of craftsmanship in play in one of her dresses.

Where 50,000 hours were required for the hand-embroidery on a gold paneled dress by the artisans in her 300 person atelier “Rose Works”.

A handbag may cost three months salary , now none of this has in the slightest deterred her loyal clientele who are of the highest circles of media, politics and entertainment.


Racking up award after prestigious award, garnering fawning and effusive international press acclaim. Inclusion in the much vaunted Australian Museum exhibit. One collection was viewed at the Beijing Olympic Village by nearly four thousand attendees.


Carmen del’ Orefice after being flown in to open and close a collection said afterward: ” I was awestruck by the pure beauty , she brings Chinese history forward AND jumps over Mao Zedong” no faint praise from this legend who in her 50 plus years in the top tier of the business of Haute mode Ms Del Orefice has worked with and walked for as well photographed by every noteworthy personage in this industry in a half of a century. While charming though she may be is known for her astute observations of talent and not known for perfunctory compliments.

Gou Pei founded Rose Works some 15 years ago and is valued at approximately 390,000,000 yuan which in US currency is 63 million plus dollars . A dream indeed and as this lovely woman is not yet forty years old . This writer expects to see many many more years of this beautiful dream.

By Gary Robinson,
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