Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Cher’s New Video “A Woman’s World” Has Some Explaining To Do
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Cher’s New Video “A Woman’s World” Has Some Explaining To Do

Just a few days ago as I watched the new video, A Woman’s World from the iconic actress, singer Cher on youtube. My initial thoughts of her song was that it is cute, catchy, dance music centric, and totally the Cher we have all been in awe of for all these years. The problem was that within seconds of watching this “new” video I realized I was experiencing some very strange feeling of deja vu and within 15 more seconds it dawned on me that something really wrong was happening at that very moment. I had already seen this before, and the longer I watched the more I became convinced, this is a knock off of the group The One’s video Face & Body, it’s not a total one, but closer than it should be.

Here Is The Problem…

Cher’s video, “A Woman’s World” has a great girl power themed message that anyone can get into, I am in love with the song and Cher’s incredible voice. What I couldn’t understand was why someone of Cher’s legendary status and access would grab inspiration with a similar look , style and direction of another groups video, that is in somewhat of the same genre of dance/club music.


Imitation is the highest form of flattery – Charles Caleb Colton…

The Ones - Face and Body by Aaron Cobbett

The Ones

It wasn’t like this was their hit “Flawless” that came out in 2001 and enough time had passed to respectfully try to make a similar styled video 12 years after the fact. The One’s released their video “Face & Body” early this very year, so it’s hard to make sense of how this could be just a harmless coincidence.

In my eyes, the video is just too eerily similar and I am slightly disappointed that someone with such heavy celebrity influence, funding, and  creative access like Cher could not have produced something more original to present to her fans after a long 12 year hiatus form the music scene.

Naturally contacted both camps to get a official response on the online buzz that has been generating on social media in particular about the similarities between Face & Body and A Woman’s World. Most people are crying foul over the duplication in addition to confusion over Cher’s ridiculous newspaper wig she sports in the beginning of her video. As to be expected I never received a response from Cher’s camp but I was lucky enough to speak to band member Nashom Wooden who is a vocalist in The One’s, his response was total respect and admiration.

I am very honored that a legendary artist like Cher and her team was inspired by our work! Its a great compliment when another artist that you have respected and admired for years likes your work enough to attempt to make it their own. Seriously, Cher is a legend and can do what ever she wants as far as I’m concerned! We once appeared on the same episode of Top of The Pops on the BBC back in 2001. We did not have the chance to meet that time but we are very happy to have yet another connection with her Majesty Queen Cher!” -Nashom Wooden, Vocalist, The Ones

Decide For Yourself

If you have never seen Cher’s video A Woman’s World or Face & Body, here is your chance to see if you can pick up on what most are starting to notice. Watch both videos and decide on your own. In the end, I personally believe that this could only help The Ones and Cher. The great thing is that as long as no one’s feelings are hurt, everyone wins.

Watch The Ones, Face & Body

Watch Cher’s A Woman’s World

We love to hear your thoughts on both videos and comment below.

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