Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Style Off. Beyonce VS Rihanna
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Style Off. Beyonce VS Rihanna

Two of the hottest celebrities on the planet Beyonce and Rihanna has always been known for their sexy style  trendsetting clothes, and jet set lifetsyle, but which one is the most stylish of them all? Let’s see…

Most Stylish  Album Cover
This one is tough, but I would have to go with Beyonce’s album cover because it not only looks high fashion, but it’s sexy and much more visually appealing than Rihanna’s.

Most Stylish Curly Hair
Rihanna looks stunning with curly hair but for the second time I have to give this one to Beyonce. Curly hair with Rihanna’s forehead isn’t necessarily flattering but she still is a knokout. When Beyonce wears curly hair is looks more natural and frames her stunning face well.

 Most Stylish Straight Hair
Rihanna gets my pick with this look. Most people are used to seeing Beyonce with extremely long weaves and lacefront wigs which she has help make very popular. Rihanna takes more chances and she looks like a goddess with this beautiful straight black sleek hair and white low cut dress. Beyonce’s waist length light blond hair is beautiful but nothing new.


Most Stylish Vintage Hair
I would have to say this one is a tie. This retro old Hollywood look compliments both starlets and makes it impossible to decide who wore it better. Here is a classic example of how Rihanna’s forehead can actually enhance her beauty depending on how her hair ,makeup, and clothes is styled.


Most Stylish Hair Make-Over
When it comes to taking chances Rihanna is the clear winner. She takes full advantage of different hair styles and colors and isn’t afraid to go short. It is nearly impossible to find a photo of Beyonce with a shoulder length or chin length bob, or anything even close. Although Beyonce clearly takes chances with many other aspects of her style, she almost never takes chances with her hair and makeup like Rihanna does. This photo of Beyonce with dark hair was one of the  few drastic hair color changes she has made in a while, she just can’t let go of the super long hair. Rihanna owns this one.



Most Stylish Hair Trends
I’m giving this one to Rihanna yet again not because I prefer her in anyway,  I think Beyonce is more talented and sexier overall. In my opinion Rihanna represents high fashion and urban chic more than Beyonce does only for again, SHE TAKES RISKS. No one can hold a candle to Beyonce when she is drenched in diamonds in a Versace gown on the red carpet, and she clearly has iconic sex appeal and beauty, but Rihanna represents to me what’s hot right now, and  her body type , ability to morph into other radical looks sets her apart and is more stylish and a natural at setting trends.

The winner is Rihanna, sorry Bey.
What’s your opinion? Be honest! Leave your comments!

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