Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | H & M Spring Summer 2012 First Impressions
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H & M Spring Summer 2012 First Impressions


The look of spring has definitely hit a high note with H & M Spring Summer 2012 choice of pastels for there new spring collection.

From En Mode Fashion

H & M Spring Summer 2012: lookbook

With the imminent arrival of the Versace collection for H & M, we almost forget that we are in the midst of media presentations for spring summer 2012.

The Swedish giant H & M is no exception to the rule and highlights the first images of the future H & M collection that we will have the opportunity to see shops in the arrival of spring.

For future seasons spring summer 2012, H & M designers have chosen to focus on a collection of light. Thus, the line for H & M 2012 is available on a range of pastel colors: white to lavender to a zen atmosphere.

This zen-attitude is also pushed to its climax with an all Asian surprising that one would come straight out of a yoga class or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Overall, this collection H & M Spring Summer 2012 reveals two key themes: femininity and color. The colors are highlighted in cool shades of yellow, orange and apple green. The cuts are fluid, with the volume, creating an interesting contrast with the dress style of the season, notably symbolized by the white suit chalk.

As for accessories, sunglasses with white frames will be missed …

An impression confirmed by H & M stores as early as March 2012!
H & M Spring Summer 2012: An Overview of the collection