Fashion And Beauty For The Hardcore | Beyonce: the official queen of wigs
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Beyonce: the official queen of wigs

Never before since Tina Turner has any popstar embraced wigs and actually made it work so well. Maybe it’s because Beyonce has the perfect face for wigs why it works so well for her, but not so well for others like Kate Hudson, and poor Jada Pinkett Smith in The Nutty Professor. Beyonce already has a near perfect face that’s ethnic yet exotic all in one. In the begining most thought that she wore weaves if anything, but later learned that this diva is rocking some high quality lace front wigs worth millions of dollars. This superstar, along with others like Tyra Banks, RuPaul, Patti Labelle, and Tina Turner have jumpstarted the wig industry in ways no one could ever imagine. What’s so great about these wigs is how natural and sexy so many of them look. Granted, most of us cannot afford the kinds that Beyonce has, but the freedom of versatility, without damaging your own natural hair is so great and makes life easier for someone who is always on the move and must look fabulous at all times. Everyone knows it’s a wig and they just don’t seem to care. Beyonce is just that hot. Enjoy the photos.

In Touch estimates that Beyoncé’s wig collection is worth $1 million. Her engagement ring is worth $5 million, it’s not such a stretch to calculate that her wigs are worth 1/5th of that. eyoncé’s wigs are mostly handcrafted and custom made for the star out of real human hair. Some single wigs are worth $10,000 each, and since she changes her hair as often as she changes her clothes, her wig collection is valued at a mint. It’s not all wasted though. Beyoncé donates her worn pieces to an organization that provides wigs for chemotherapy patients.

” Beyoncé is guaranteed to always have the coolest hairstyle – she keeps a climate-controlled closet stocked with finely crafted hairpieces. “Beyoncé’s wigs are worth a fortune,” the singer’s friend reveals, noting that some cost more than $10,000. “The majority of them are custom-made from real hair and she’s probably got $1 million worth of stunning wigs. It’s part of the reason why she always looks gorgeous.” Since she updates her looks frequently, the insider adds that Beyoncé donates many of her castoffs to a charity that supplies wigs to women going through chemotherapy.”
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