Watch Lindsay Lohan’s disastrous age progression

The actress Lindsay Lohan has grown up, and gone wild, before our eyes. And now there’s a video to take us through that journey.

A creepy clip that’s gone viral on the Web shows the celeb growing up and drastically aging from adorable infant to fresh-faced Disney star to tragic troubled celebrity, in just over 60 seconds.

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As the photos of the 25-year-old morphs over the two and a half decades of her lifetime, the hair, the skin, the coloring, all go through rapid change until we end up at the fried-blond mop, puffy-faced, pouty-lipped present. Through the many images, the young star, made famous since “Parent Trap,” has a face that looks ravaged by time, hard living, and perhaps even surgery.

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The actress, who was just released from probation almost five years after two DUI arrests, many rehab stints, multiple trips to jail, and a necklace theft case, has a guest spot on “Glee” and seems to be refocusing her energy on her career.

The short has become a Web hit, and has been viewed over 2.7 million times. The makers of the video, VJ4rawr, have also given Lady Gaga and Britney Spears similar, mesmerizing treatment.